PUC has now been officially approved for its Foundation Year Studies Program by the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC) and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) to grant the Certification of Foundation Year Course to all successful undergraduate students.

Foundation Year Course, required for all first-year students, consists of liberal arts curriculum that will help students gain vital general knowledge to better prepare them for a rigorous university education. There are eight common courses for all students in every major, and two oriented courses for those who choose a specific major field of study.

As part of this new requirement, by both ACC and MoEYS, students must successfully complete the Foundation Year Course in their first year before being allowed to continue their study at PUC.


Education with wisdom and excellence.


To strengthen general knowledge that is the Foundation for students to acquire an internationally standardized education.


-To actively take part in human resource development through globalization and sustainability
-To strengthen the quality and improve the capacity of students to become responsible, well-informed citizens
-To sustain social development, build up peace and resolve conflicts through non-violence means
-To educate students with international standardized curriculum that includes knowledge on environmental issues, community service, gender and development
-To enhance students capacity with research and critical thinking skills needed for global job markets and for advanced studies abroad
-To create opportunities for students to practice what they have learned while still in school.

Eight common courses offered by all faculties

  1. English I: Reading and Composition (ENGL 110)
  2. English II: Reading and Composition (ENGL 120)
  3. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 102)
  4. Introduction to Khmer Studies (KHMR 110)
  5. Introduction to Computers (COMP 110)
  6. Introduction to Environmental Science (NATS 102)
  7. Introduction to Political Science (POL 101)
  8. Introduction to Gender Studies (SOC 110)

Two oriented courses required by each faculty

Faculty of Arts, Letters, and Humanities

  • Introduction to Humanities (HUM 110)
  • Introduction to Philosophy and Society (PHIL 115)

Faculty of Business and Economics

  • Management Principles (MGT 110)
  • Accounting I (ACCT 110)

Faculty of Communications and Media Arts

  • Introduction to Humanities (HUM 110)
  • Introduction to Law (LAW 101)

Faculty of Education

  • Introduction to Humanities (HUM 110)
  • Introduction to Philosophy and Society (PHIL 115)

Faculty of Law and Public Affairs

  • Introduction to Law (LAW 101)
  • Basic Legal Concepts (LAW107)

Faculty of Mathematics, Sciences, & Engineering

  • Introduction to Biology (BIO 101)
  • Chemistry I (CHEM 101)

Faculty of Social Sciences & International Relations

  • Introduction to Public Policy and Adminstration(PA 110)
  • Theories of International Relations (POL 120)

Credit transferred info

Student who obtained a Certificate of Foundation Year Course from other universities will have to:

-Take PUC English Placement Test (this policy will not affect students who have successfully completed PUC's pre-academic English proficiency program and those who obtained acceptable TOEFL or IELTS test scores)
-Submit the previous study reports/transcripts and Foundation Year Course Certificate to PUC Foundation Year Studies Department for credits evaluation (number of transferable credits is to be decided by the Director of PUC Foundation Year Studies Department)
-Other requirements maybe needed as deemed necessary.