PUC Institute of Foreign Languages

PUC Institute of Foreign Languages (PIFL) operates non-academic language programs for the University. PIFL has the sole responsibility to provide and administer language training using the latest and innovative approaches in second language acquisition. These languages include, but are not limited to, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, and Korean. In addition, PIFL also operates Khmer language training for non-Khmer speakers.

Presently, English language training has been the main focus of PIFL. Currently, we have four English training programs running on a daily basis. They are: General English-as-a-Second Language (GESL), Intensive English for Academic Purposes (IEAP), English for Special Purposes (ESP), and TOEFL Preparation. PIFL utilizes only the most appropriate language tools and teaching materials (textbooks, Cassettes, Videotapes, etc.) in language training.

Intensive English for Academic Purposes (IEAP)

A highly compacted language program comprising 5 levels of English training to prepare students for academic study in the Bachelor's or Master's degree programs at PUC. This program, using New Interchange as the main textbook along with other supplementary materials, is designed for academically-oriented students who already have had certain amounts of English training. Each IEAP class level includes 3 hours of intensive language per day, 5 days per week for a 12-week term. (15 hrs/week or 180 hrs/term.)

General English-as-a-Second Language Program (GESL)

Comprises English training for 12 levels using Spectrum and True To Life as main textbooks along with other supplementary materials. This program is designed for young students as well as older ones who are interested in learning English as a second language and whose previous knowledge of English is limited. (7.5 hrs/week or 90 hrs/term.)

English For High School Students (EHSS)

Designed specifically for students who are currently attending Cambodian Public High Schools (Lycee) with half-day schedule. is a customized English training program aims to prepare potential High School students without spending any more time taking pre-university English Languages preparation courses. EHSS program comprises 12 levels of highly compact secondary English languages curriculum to be co-taught by Khmer and foreign instructors. It is uniquely designed to go parallel with the students schedule in a way that students can attend their High School classes in the morning and enroll in EHSS program in the afternoon or vice versa. This schedule will be advertently changed (i.e. from afternoon to morning ), once the Public Schools 'school schedule is duly switched. This way current High School students interested in taking ahead start for their academic future will all be able to enroll in the EHSS program at PIFL while still attending High School. EJHS is a similar program designed fro junior High Scholl students (college) . Students who completed the EJHS program are allowed to enter EHSS at Level 7. (91/2 hrs week or 114hrs/term - Part time Program).

English for Special Purposes (ESP)

A specialized enhancement program designed to increase English language skills of the students in a variety of areas including Grammar, Conversation, Writing Skills, and Business English. This program, using up-to-date materials and other teaching tools, is for students and individuals who feel inadequate in the above-mentioned language skills. Each ESP class includes 1 hour per day, 5 days per week for a 12-week term. (5 hrs/week or 60 hrs/term.)

Pre-Beginners' English Program (Pre-B)

Consists of 2 levels using Foundations as the main textbook along with other supplementary materials selected by individual instructors. This program is designed specifically for students who have had very little or no previous English language training. (7.5 hrs/week or 90 hrs/term.)

TOEFL Preparation Program

A continuous English language skills training preparing students for the TOEFL test, which is an American standardized test widely used as a requirement for many scholarships offered to Cambodian students and government officials to study abroad. A high score on this test is also an essential step in being admitted to undergraduate or graduate programs at most colleges and universities in the US and Canada. (7.5 hrs/week or 90 hrs/term - Part-Time Program)

Basic Computer Skills Training (BCST)

A free supplementary program designed as an add-on to the IEAP English Program. Every IEAP student is entitled to one term of BCST training that includes Typing Skills, Windows, Word, and Excel programs.